Our recruiting practice is a Retained Practice focused on the discipline of Marketing. JUEL is typically hired to fill an important marketing role when the position is critical to the success of the company, the search needs to be kept confidential and/or a hybrid, hard-to-find skill set is required. We believe there are a number of advantages to hiring JUEL to conduct your search:

Our Senior Partners’ Focus on Your Search 

Our model is very different from the larger retained executive search firms.  Our senior partners do the work.  In fact, each of senior partner will only take on 3-4 searches at a time, which means that 30+% of our time will be dedicated to your search.  If you hire us, you get us. 


Our Focus as a Firm on Marketing

As a firm, we are exclusively focused on Senior Marketing Talent. Prior to becoming recruiters, JUEL’s senior partners had successful careers in marketing.  We are experts in the discipline and understand how the industry has evolved digitally and what that means when identifying and recruiting modern marketing talent. 


Our Access to a Wide Range of Leaders across the Marketing Landscape

Leading marketers can be found on the agency side, within media publishers and in corporate marketing functions. We have deep networks across all three communities, enabling us to present a wider range of digitally-evolved, senior marketing candidates.