Structure for Marketing Excellence

Marketing transformation is occurring across industries.  Marketing leaders wrestle with adapting their teams to keep pace with technological change.   The challenges they face often have more to do with talent and organization than with the technology itself. 

JUEL has continuous exposure to how the best marketing talent is adapting.

And we regularly benchmark effective marketing operating structures and processes in Client, Agency and Media Company environments. We can help Marketing/ Marketing Communications Executives identify gaps and develop roadmaps to optimize their teams and agency partnerships. 

The process for doing this is customized by client, but typically involves the following steps:

• Internal and Agency Partner Interviews

• Interviews of other Key Internal Stakeholders

• Assessment of Team Structure and Responsibilities and Comparison against industry    benchmarks, best practices, and latest developments

• In-depth conversations/work sessions with CMO/ Marketing Director

  At the end of the process, a final report and detailed action plan are provided.

Structure for Growth


As with Client Side Organizations, Agency leaders seek to adapt their organizations to drive growth. We bring industry wide experience and broad perspective on evolving client service needs to help agency leaders optimize their agency’s structure, senior team and capabilities. 

We’ve developed a defined and straightforward process to help Agency leaders create a roadmap for their business.  We call it Structure for Growth.  Please contact us for more information.

We also conduct client impact assessments for agencies, which can help future proof critical client relationships.